India 1999-2000

This was my first international travel experience.  There was no logical reason for me to go to India, other than a feeling that I needed to.  I ignored my intuition for a while but then had a very powerful experience.  I woke up one morning with a feeling that I shouldn’t bring my purse to work.  I left with my bus pass in one pocket and a cheque to put in my bank account in the other.  After work that day I went to the bank to deposit my cheque.  Unbelievably, someone came into the bank with a ski mask and gun... it was a holdup.  In the end, the robber ran out of the bank without any money. It turned out that his gun was a fake.  The whole experience was like a dream, a cosmic play put on for me.  I definitely learned the importance of listening to one’s intuition.  My feelings about going to India became stronger.  I organized a two-month artist residency in Trivandrum, Kerala, at the International Indo-Dutch Cultural Center and during my trips to the internet office, I would meet people who had been or going to the Ashram.  The monsoon came one month early and instead of traveling I decided to check out the Yoga Ashram that I kept on hearing about.  What started as a two week commitment ended being a two-year volunteer commitment.  This experience was intense and changed my life.  Now I know for sure that the real reason why I needed to go to India was to connect with the Yoga life, in a conscious way, and to discover that art making is part of my spiritual practice.

My First Trip Overseas :   Escaping Y2K

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