Amma’s Letter:  October 22nd, 2007

Divine Family:  Namastey!

We are about to undertake the annual cleansing, starting Sunday October 20th with our fruit day and launching into the trial by water also known as Shanka Prakshalana on Monday October 22nd.  Already three weeks on the 39th Annual International Yoga Teaching Training Course have passed and a good group has gathered this year for Sadhana.  A beautiful harmonious atmosphere prevails, and we have people from all over - it seems.  Spanish is the flavour of the year - with two people from Spain, one from Portugal, one from Argentina in South America and one from Mexico.  Amazing!  We have a man from Ireland (we have lots of Irish Gitananda people now).  Presently little Guadalupe of Argentina - Spain is with us for several weeks and we expect many seniors to join us in January / February for the Yantra - cum Yoga Therapy extensive and Intensive course.  February 2nd to 20th.  So, it is wonderful to have people who are initiated to this tradition come together.  So many layers of ego get peeled off in the six month course, that when people come back it is very pleasant to live with them.  This summer during the Centenary celebration in August we had sixteen seniors come together and it was really a joyous fun-filed, harmonious time.   Many told me they enjoyed every moment of the Yogic Sadhana.  That is great as we strive to create a Sadhana which is Sattwic, Sahaj and Sukham.  Yama, God of Death, told us in the Kathopanishad, “Do not mistake the pleasant for the good.  The good is often not pleasant and what is pleasant, may not be good”.  Yes as I grow, I find the higher we climb, the good often does become pleasant indeed.  Nice thought, isn’t it, that something which you enjoy immensely can also be evolutionarily good for you.

Ananda right now is in Europe for the Milano Yoga Festival, one of about ten invited speakers from all over Europe as main presenters.  He phoned today to report on the workshop he offered today on the Pranava Pranayama - it was billed as a beginners class but more that 50 participants signed up.  Usually beginner classes have poor attendance at these conferences as everyone considers themselves as advanced.  He has another advanced workshop tomorrow (probably hundreds will attend that).  He is a guest of the organizers and they are treating him well.  He is also staying with Swami Yogananda at Gitananda Ashram.  He will travel to Switzerland on Sunday night for an action packed three days with Hariharan in Locarno.  Then fly to Berlin for three days of programmes with Leena Elo in Berlin.  He will be met in Berlin by many Gitananda ladies including Leena, Prema, Vijaya of Berlin, Catherine of England and Janita of France.  Leena has arranged a prestigious programme for him at the India Embassy.  So he is getting a great experience.

We miss him.  It is like an electrical shut down in the Ashram.  As little two year old Anandraj said so well and expressively, Appa (father) gone.  Yes!  We feel his absence but he is getting refreshed and stimulated and refreshing and stimulating others.  We want to reach out to a whole new layer of people - people who are healthy, strong, happy, successful - but wish to find some deeper meaning in life.  Those are the people who are fit (Adhikarans) for Gitananda Yoga.  Such journeys as this will open a pathway, which will facilitate such people finding their way to us though the door which warns “Enter here only if you are happy”.  The two children are terrific Sadhana.  My History of Yoga slowly comes to its final printing stage.  We are all well, happy and healthy.  We are enjoying the journey.  We encourage all of you to open your minds to returning again and again to the Ashram.  Your visits help us and you help yourself by rooting yourself again in Sadhana.  The great stream of the Paramparai (lineage) not only refreshes us, but we must refresh it by our sincere Sadhana.  We would love to see familiar much loved faces for the intensive course February 2 to 20th 2008.  Since this is the Jayanthi Centenary year, we will go all out to have many wonderful uplifting events.  We are asking people to come on February 2nd, so they can be with us for the all-night OM Chanting and Homa for Swami Kanakananda on February 2nd and 3rd.  That alone is a great Sadhana. This year is the 136th birthday of Swami Kanakananda, the Bengali Guru who has given us this wonderful body of knowledge.

Do your best to join us (if you can) and the Guru will do the rest!  Much Yogic love to you all!!  Enjoy our life - and live Yoga 24/7!  Every breath should be - must be - can be - an exercise in Yoga!  Yama and Niyama is itself the most magnificent tool for every moment awareness.

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


P.S.  Donations for the February 2nd to 20th sessions will be Euro dollars 400.  Due to the fall in value of American dollar we have had to shift to Euro dollar prices.  Rising costs in India make it difficult for us to operate the Ashram at any other rate.

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