Amma’s Letter:  May 5th, 2005

Divine Jennifer - High and Flying - Namastey!                                                      

Today I read an inspiring article in my daily newspaper The New Indian Express.  It described the efforts of the women of Germany to rebuild their country after it was ravaged by the horrendous Allied bombings of World War II. These women were called the truemme frauen or rubble women.  There were an estimated 60,000 of them, who literally lost everything that they had in the war.  They worked in shifts to get more rations for their families.  It is estimated that they cleared the country’s cities of 400 million cubic meters of debris with their bare hands.  An interview with one of them was enlightening.  Now 76 years old Karin Claessens of Berlin was quoted as saying, “There was no time for tears and mourning.  Just the very idea of it was absurd. “ But her next statement came from a Yogic core in an indomitable heart.  “The will to survive was so strong that you just looked straight ahead and kept going”  Perhaps an echo of Neitszche’s famous pronouncement.  “That which does not kill me will make me stronger.”  When we see how the world of men, women have suffered through history, and how they have risen against all odds, the small trials, tribulations and tests we have to face in our daily lives seem like eating chocolate cake.  To maintain the proper perspective in all circumstances is a key ingredient of the Yogic quality of Vairagya, or detachment.  We have to step back, from the situation to get the bigger view.  Swamiji loved to tell us, that most of us are butting our heads against a wall.  Just stand up, he counseled.  “You will find that the wall is not so high - just you have been prostrating in front of it!  Stand up!  And you will find you can jump over it!  “Of course there are many of us who love to butt our heads against that wall.  Why?  Because it feels so good when we stop!

We are getting good reports back from all over.  Everyone is getting on with the big job of coring their existence in Yoga - making it the immovable pole - the axis - the lingam - around which the rest of their world can revolve.  To live the Yogic life is not a childish task as many are finding out  to row your boat upstream, merrily requires a stout heart.  Difficult (to quote a famous Yogacharya), Difficult, but no impossible.

Many have reported that they are shocked and bewildered to discover what a big mess most of their friends and relatives and acquaintances have made / are making of their lives - illness, unhappiness, addictions, accidents, divorces, job losses... seem to be the order (rather - disorder) of the day.  Apparently, for much of the world, the long, long dream (Dirga Swapna) is a nightmare.  Yet they chose the nightmare.  Or perhaps, it is more accurate to say, their karma - conditioning - choses it for them.  Their choice is that they choose to stay asleep rather than waking to reality.  Fortunately, nature is kind.  The sleep contains its own anesthesia, and insensitivity, and so, the pain is dulled the misery less intense. Escapism allows the sufferer to bear the suffering.

But the Yogi has to face that suffering as a tapas, a purification with awareness if he / she wishes to transcend it.  Perhaps that is the main difference.  The Yogi sees and acts:  the Bhogi (worldly man) refuses to see (ignores) and reacts or remains a passive victim.

Patanjali says in Sutra 16 of Chapter Two Samadhi Pada - Avoid those miseries which may be avoided.  It is possible through aware living, not to fall in the bigger holes (though we may often trip, or fall in smaller ones).  As awareness develops, skill in living grows.  Then, we learn to live and avoid the pitfalls.  A word of advice to those of you still bound by attachment to family and friends.  Help those who wish to help themselves.  If you want to save a drowning man, make sure you yourself are a good swimmer.  There is no point at all in two people going down.

Remember who you are - Really.  You all touched your Real Self here in the Ashram.  Your own True Self - and - it was good - strong - beautiful - cheerful - happy and joyous.  If you lose touch with that Real Self come back to The Mother Ashram and find it again.  It is here, there, everywhere!  You are all welcome!  Shivoham.  You are Eternal Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.  That is who you really are!  All else is - Sham!  illusion!

We are well. Thriving!  Working!  The May Intensive Course at the City Centre goes well 9am to 1pm daily classes for 100 kids for the month of May.  Dance, Yoga, Sanskrit Slokhas.  A good way to spend time evolutionarily and wisely.  Dhivya grows.  Is the Universe large enough to contain her?

Nalini left on May 1st, only to return on July 28th.  The Ashram door is an evolving one.  It opens both ways.  Construction begins at the City Centre and Ganesh has mountains of rubble to move!  We enjoy the change.  It is as good as a rest.  It is hot.  But some rains tease us with coolness, just when we are ready to melt into the heat.  Devasena comes closer to her delivery.  Ananda begins his work again at Auroville Health Centre treating patients regularly.  Good clinical experience.  The ocean sounds quite loud.  She has made us aware of her power and moods.   Many dance programmes have been schedules and our Annual Day is set for June 23-24.  300 kids on stage for seven hours programme is no joke.  A great tapas is to get 30 eight year olds to walk in a straight line on stage. Lakshmi gives her professional debut as a Bharat Natyam dancer on June 11th.  How fast our world spins.  Soon, this life will be over and it will be time to start the next one.

Much love to you all!  Much profound interest!  Oodles and oodles of it!  Life is a juggling, a moving picture show!  To be happy, look upon it such!

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


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