Amma’s Letter:  March 28th, 2006

Divine Yogacharini Jennifer:  Namastey!                                                           

The earth has turned!  The door has closed behind you, under the sign that reads, ‘Enter here only if you are happy”.  Did you pause to look back, a moment, before you entered the vehicle which was to take your body away on the next leg of your journey into spirit?  I hope you looked back, with a deeper, fuller, more rich and enduring happiness, than the moment when your eyes first set sight on that famous warning of Swamiji.  Swamiji called all his Ashrams Ananda Ashram - as you well know, Ananda in English means bliss.  But this hardly does justice to the word.  Ananda implies an inner joy and happiness, contentment, self confidence, an unshakeable feeling of well being which is so stable, it cannot be shaken even in the most severe of Karmic thunderstorms, hurricanes, or earthquakes.  An unassailable feeling that all is right in the world - my world, your world, and the Universe at large!  It is a joy which has no reason to be.  It just exists, of itself, welling from the core of an Eternal, Conscious, Blissful Universe.  It is the joy which enables us to see the great depth of meaning in every person, object, situation, place and face in our lives.  The beauty of a fellow student who may be behaving in a totally obnoxious manner; the beauty of the person who has to inform us (gently) that this is not allowed in the Ashram.  The beauty of the every day, ordinary life and its pattern of regularity, rhythm and repetition.  The beauty of doing what is good and not what is pleasant.  The beauty of doing our Dharma and fulfilling our commitments.  The beauty of cultivating a cheerful, well-meaning heart, which enlivens and sustains the spirit in all we meet.  The beauty of sacrificing our own desires (temporarily, of course, and for purpose) to the needs of group harmony.  The beauty of adjusting our own ego needs to the welfare of the greater unit.  The beauty of discipline, of restraint of conscious control, of action and not reaction.  The beauty of discovering the darkest recesses of our character and feeling the joy of self knowledge that will set us free.  The beauty of being able to live with ourselves and not escape into romantic notions of spirituality, not to escape into excuses for behaviour, or projections or justifications, or identifications, or condemnations.  The beauty of submitting to a Higher Authority for a greater purpose.  The beauty of the ancient Rishis teachings - their thoughts, their concepts, the techniques they have evolved to cleanse, to purify, to stabilize, to understand, to expand consciousness.  To establish oneself in all that Real Beauty (not imagined, romantic or illusory beauty), and to realize it deeper and deeper with every passing day.

Does all this sound familiar?  That Anandam is what we have been trying to cultivate together for six months.  That Inner Joy - that Anandam - that Happiness - and all have certainly touched its core more intimately (even if infrequently) during the six months we have shared of intense togetherness!

Now is the time for all the pieces to settle into place, to be chewed upon, swallowed, digested.  The experiences which will cultivate that Anandam may be digested and become a part of your spiritual bones and blood.  The waste materials of this spiritual metabolism may be excreted, as by-products of the same process.

Only that which is Sat-Chit-Anandam is real.  All else is false.  All that is Eternally Good, Truthful, Noble, Conscious and Blissful in each other and in our experience and relationship with each other is Reality-Sat-Eternal.  Keep That enshrined in your hearts and minds.  Anything other than that is pure garbage.  Let is pass down the drain, as though you have undertaken a spiritual Shankhaprakshalana.

May that Anandam become your Growing Reality.  May you live, breathe, think, and feel that Anandam which is as warm, cool and pleasant as the early morning sun on our faces as we chant our daily morning Song to the Sun.  May That Sat-That Anandam - That Chit (Consciousness) be the fruit of our Sadhana together!

Fly high little eaglets!  Fly high in the big blue sky!  Keep the Best of All of Us in the Best of Place in Your Heart!  Let our Best mingle with your best and may this Spiritual Hybrid enrich the world!  We are here for you always.

Affectionately yours in Yoga


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