Amma’s Letter:  June 15th, 2006

Divine Jennifer:  Namastey!                                                                              

It is a lovely cool day today, the Tenth Anniversary of the Samadhi of Sri Shankara Giri Swamigal who left his body at the age of 95 in 1995 and whose Samadhi is the double layered star - triangle Mandala in the back Samadhi garden of Sri Kambliswamy Madam.  We did the customary elaborate Pujas for his Samadhi today, and then offered a banquet feast to about 50 devotees.  A similar offering of food and Pujas will be done at his Madam in Karaikal.  It was a lovely, soft quiet morning and a chance to reflect on the Guru spirit how it manifests in so many ways, in so many places through so many people and situations.  The Guru Spirit is that which awakens us, puts us on red alert reminding us of the purpose of our incarnation - to grow, to glow, to stretch, and lift ourselves from the mundane material to the sublime ethereal  A difficult task indeed!  It is so much easier to sleep - to wallow in delusion, emotionalism, escapism, seeking reinforcement of our false self-image.  Kathopanished warns:  Do not mistake the pleasant (Preyas-Sukham) for the good (Sreyas).  It is the oldest honey trap in the world.  Seeking pleasant people, pleasant situations.  Habit moulds are like merry go rounds.  It is so pleasant to go round and round till the motion just lulls us asleep - dulled - we fall into pleasant stupor - till life rudely shakes us awake with tragedy, and we ask Oh Where did I go wrong?

The Guru awakens!  Saying “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!”

I hope you all continue to cherish this Guru spirit and are keeping the spark alive.  You have been initiated - the ignition has been turned on - but you must keep the motor running - you must keep the fire burning.  What yo  have been taught must be treasured, practiced, contemplated upon - not for an hour or a day, but for a lifetime.  It should also be shared - the Guru’s teachings, when given to others, will return to you a hundred fold!

The Guru is the accurate reflection of our own small self (ego, Ahamkara, collection of Vasanas - Samskara - conditioned responses).  Once we see clearly and fully - that focused attention melts all the Kleshas - hindrances - coverings - and the Big Self - Atman emerges, free of bondage.  As Patanjali puts it so beautifully - Then, one rests in one’s own Nature.  But we must first see - only then we become Seers (see-ers).  The Guru’s task is to help us to see.  It entails ego - pain but no pain no gain.  It entails discomfort and unpleasantness but as Yogis we are duty bound to seek the Good (Eternal Atman) not the pleasant (ego flattering situations, places and people).  It is a thin line to walk - the different between Kusangha (association with people who lead us to the path of Bhoga and Satsangha (association with people who lead us in the path of good).  It takes tremendous Viveka (discrimination) to find the difference because the Kusanghis are infinitely more appealing than the Sansanghis.  When was a do-gooder ever popular?  A razor’s edge is the Yogic path.  But there is consolation - if we fall off we can always climb on again - again - again!  100 times down 101 times up!

Something struck me the other day - I read in the newspaper a book review where he reviewer said of the biography’s subject.  He was a man who loved to associate with people whose religions differed from his - so he could project tose qualities he enjoyed most in himself - tolerance, patience, forebearance etc.  I found this a profound Swadhyaya tool.  We seek out people and situations (unconsciously, of course as is 99% of our lives) which will elicit those aspects of ourselves we enjoy the most!  If we enjoy feeling abandoned we will seek out those who desert us!  If we enjoy the self-righteousness of feeling betrayed or disillusioned - we will seek out hose who will betray and disillusion us!  If we love being a martyr, we will seek those who persecute us.  These experiences tell us which of or weaknesses we enjoy indulging.  It is a mirror image of our own reality.  We see ourselves in a kind of reversed image.  Therefore we cannot blame anyone for anything!

I am not a fan of Rajnesh (Osho) but I do like some of the things he says.  He once said,The undeveloped person blames everyone else all of the time in every situation.  The slightly developed person blames himself half of the time and the other person half of the time.  The well developed person blames himself all of the time.  And the enlightened being realizes that nothing has happened and there is no one to blame!

You are all welcome to attend the Yantra Course February 4th to 17th 2007.  It is a good excuse if any of you want to come  back.  You are now qualified to drop in for refreshment and renewal any time during the six months.  Please feel free to do so.  You might like to remind yourself of Ashram life by ordering any of Ananda’s DVD’s. 

Remember to Remember!  It is so easy to forget!  Keep your contact with the Mother Ashram - nourish our spiritual roots.  Cultivate your relationship with us, so it can grow and flower!  Communication - is also union - is also Yoga.  Share your life and your thoughts with us.  There is nothing I enjoy more than the monthly Swadhyaya Sheets which our students send me.  Reporting back to me also is a good discipline in reassessing what you are doing and where you are going.  I have a profound interest in your ongoing spiritual growth and in that sense, probably love you more deeply than any other person in your life!  The energy of the teachings comes from the close contact with the source of those teachings.  Just as electricity causes the fan to revolve or the lights to go on, the flow of Shakti from the Guru spirit to the Chela enlivens the teachings and enables the teachings to accomplish their purpose, to be effective.

There are so many methods of nourishing this Guru-Chela relationship - short emails, letters, photos post cards, cards - please make an effort to keep the bond strong.  This is necessary if the teachings you have been given are to grow and bloom.  Only seeds have been planted - now you must protect the tender shoots which will spring up from the earth - be careful of predators, or those who would lure you off the Yoga path.  Protect yourself!  Do your Sadhana!  Live your Yoga!

Remember - Some days you will feel you are everything - that is called Love (Prema)!  Some days you will feel you are nothing - that is called Wisdom (Jnanam)!

May you be filled with Love and Wisdom.

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


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