Amma’s Letter:  July 5th, 2006

Divine Eaglets:  Namastey!                                                                                  

May we garner enough strength, wisdom and affection - gratitude - devotion - awareness - skill - to withstand the power of the Rishis manifesting through us.

A large part of the time which I spend on my scooter each day (which may be as much as one hour) is spent in the act of Prarthana.  Prarthana could be loosely translated as prayer but the English word is overloaded with nuances of asking a higher authority to give one something and that is not what Prarthana means.  It is more like Sankalpa or a resolve to do or become something.  A positive, consciously constructed thought form which we project in front of us, much like the beam - light of a vehicle - it illumines our path so we may see the road we must travel on.  The opening statement of this letter is the Prarthana I have constructed for myself recently - perhaps, it will serve as food for thought for you to.  I also realized that while I may have difficulty in relating to God in His / Her / Its many manifestations, have no difficulty in relating to the Rishis who were human beings who Saw Reality (Sat) and had the compassion / affection / love for humanity to mark well the path they had taken out of darkness to light, so that others could follow them and enjoy that same splendid vision!

There is an old Hindu idea which postulates that if Guru and God both appeared suddenly before you, to whom would you first offer your Namaskars?  (Respects)  The answer is - To the Guru for it is he who showed the way to see - experience God.  What beautifully sublime, lovely thoughts and sentiments!  The Guru is great!  I have been privileged to experience the Rishis in the form of Swamiji - with all his full blown majesty.  But I also witness that Rishi spirit manifesting in others, in perhaps a less spectacular way, but nevertheless, a manifestation.  It is that Rishi Spirit which fearlessly, cheerfully, whole - heartedly seeks Reality!  I realize my duty is to become strong enough, wise enough, grateful enough, aware enough to have the power to manifest that vision.  The Guru’s teachings are vast - an ocean - we must - expand ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and intellectually to be able to contain them.  The key word is Swadhyaya - a constant state of self awareness and self examination.  Being aware of all times of what we are thinking doing, saying, feeling.

This act of self - observation without condemnation, identification or justification - cultivating detachment (Vairagya) from our self image will help us to understand that everything we are passing through is the Divine’s method of refining our character.  When all that is false passes away - ignorance, laziness, dullness, greed etc - then the Real Self becomes visible, more clearly.  The dull covering of ego - false pride - self-image - melts in the bright sunshine of Swadhyaya and the glory of our Real Self is revealed.  Then we become fit vehicles for the expression and manifestation of the Rishi’s teachings.  This is my Prarthana for myself and all of you - eaglets flying (or crawling, hopping, resting or lying flat - stunned on your back).  May we grow in strength, in wisdom, in cheerfulness, in affectionate gratitude and whole heartedness - so we may be living embodiments of the nobility of the Rishiculture thought and way of life!

We have just finished our 13th Annual Day of Yoganjali Natyalayam which was the best one to date!  It have a great satisfaction to all of us - and truly it was a TEAM effort (T-together E-everyone A-Achives M-More)It was a grand spectacle from 3pm to 11pm - non stop!  You will read all about it in YOGA LIFW.  We have two blessed weeks to catch up, before the next crest of activity swells up getting ready for the Annual Dance Drama in honor of Swamiji’s Jayanthi - Birthday.  This year we celebrate his centenary, so we are trying to make it more grand.  The Drama this year will be in honor of the Nava Graha (The Nine Planets) and their power in our lives.

Little Anandraj is fast becoming a personality in his own right.  A powerful will is emerging - so, looks an though the Paramparai is in good hands!  The child should surpass the father in every respect - That is in accordance with Evolutionary Law!  May we honour, respect, live within and obey that Law!  If we conform to the Law, it will conform to us!  Swamiji’s 100th Guru purnima will be on July 10th.  His birth date is July 24th.  We are trying to organize some grand event in July 2007 to conclude the year - se keep your calendar open for a possible mega event in India.

Other general news below.  If you haven’t yet grabbed your teapot, do so now and relax with me over house hold news.

We have re-built the Shakti Mandala (under the tree in the eastern garden) at Madam - as one of the projects undertaken in the 100th birth centenary of Swamiji.  The gigantic peeple tree was destroyed in a storm (it was already rotted) and branches crashed on the statue of Amman (Devi) on that Mandala and broke her about 18 months ago.  I did not feel any urge to rebuild or restore, but last summer when I was in Mahabalipuram I found a beautiful Amman Murthi to replace her.  (That was also the place I found Mr. and Mrs Patanjali and brought him home to centre the Satsangha - Meditation Hall - Patanjali Kutir).  That Amman was kept next to the Kambliswamy Lingam inside the shrine and simple, daily pujas were done.  Now, I feel the time to restore her to her place has come which we will do on Swamiji's birthday.  So far I have avoided rebuilding at the Madam but now I have an inner urge to do so.  So this the first re-construction attempt in 20 years!  The City Centre is nearly completed and has turned out very beautifully!  We have a huge hall on first floor, with white marble flooring and big windows.  We now also have access to the roof which is huge and is a great place for morning classes and evening Satsangha.  I may hold one public Satsangha per week there.  So, my building projects have turned out well, thanks to the rapport I have with my contractor.

We celebrated Little Dhivya’s third Happy Birthday three times.  June 18th was her Nakshetra date astrology date and we held a traditional Homa in which she cooperated beautifully and attentively.  Then in the afternoon, because we had practice at City Centre for 100 kids, she gave sweets to all and they serenaded her with a rousing Happy Birthday.  On June 21st, the summer solstice, her actual birthday, we gathered fifty close family and friends at Mukti Restaurant.  In that lovely, laid back, artistic, natural atmosphere we enjoyed dinner together and presents and three cakes (one lion, one clown and one rabbit) and ate ice cream!  It was a lovely night!

June 25th was our wild and wonderful Annual Day in which we put 250 kids on stage in a wild circus of Bharat Natyam, Carnatic Music, Folk Dances, Sanskrit Slogans, Yoga Asana Tableaus.  We started at 3pm and concluded at 11pm and there was not a single stop in between!   Believe it or not hundreds stayed the full course!  A real marathon, but what a great Festival attended by thousands of people.  We had it in a huge marriage hall which seems better than our Municipal auditorium which is closed for repair.  This is the same huge marriage hall with large grounds in which the Yoga Festival was held this year.  All of June was devoted to this production but is was totally perfect.  You can read about it in YOGA LIFE.

I might remind everyone that we are always happy to have each and everyone of you come to stay at ICYER with us at any time.  You know the Sadhana schedule.  If you want to fast and do Shankaprakshalana come in October.  If you want a review of Hathenas - Loma Viloma come in October - November.  A review of Mandala Dharana, Mantra Laya etc. is available in March.  December - January is Guru Puja.  January 4 - 7 is the Yoga Festival.  Your energy energizes us and helps those new on the path.  You also refresh and rejuvenate your own Sadhana by coming, no small accomplishment.  Satsangha is necessary for Sadhana and Satsangha is difficult to find nowadays.  We become that which we associate with.  At least here at ICYER we have aspiration!  I also remind you that Ananda has produced some excellent books and DVD’s. They can also be a form of Satsangha, especially, the DVDs which are professionally done and inspiring and full of Indian, Ashram psyche.  Ananda has discovered a new talent!  As a film maker!

Affectionately your in Yoga,


Please keep February 4 - 17, 2007 as a possible date to come to the Ashram.  It is our Annual Yantra Course which is a great inspirational time with Dr. John and the Sadhana is more flexible.  Weather is cool and special cultural programmes are there.  Dr. John will not be available forever so take the chance when you have it!

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