Amma’s Letter:  July 17th, 2007


Divine Eaglets - or Chicklets if you are more modest - I have not reached out for sometime.  You will always know when we are glutted with activity when your mailbox falls vacant for weeks or months on end apart from your monthly missive YOGA LIFE.  I assume I am the only dinosaur in the world who still sends letters by post, so most of the mail in your cobwebby mailbox will be from me.

We have a few moments quiet in the lull between torrential activities and I have penned a few meditative words to you.  These letters help me to feel closer to you and show you that I value our relationship.  In modern times it appears quite easy to find a good teacher, but it is rare to find a good student.  I consider all of you eaglet - chicklets to be good students!  Ramakrishna Paramhamsa said, “Everyone wants to be a teacher, but who wants to be a student?”  Pursuing modern Yoga Journals it looks like the guru market is over flooded and many must resort to gimmicks to keep their folds large enough to finance their lavish lifestyles!  Most modern seekers are like bees, flitting from flower to flower, sipping a bit here and there! 

From the post passing over my desk, I see that everyone struggles - like chicklets pecking away at their shells.  Waiting for those breakthrough moments.  Daily life is such an exercise in Sadhana, isn’t it?

During the summer months my physical Sadhana often slips, loosens from my hold, and I feel the loss of energy.  The continual enrichment of realization goes on, but the Shakti becomes less potent, reminding me of the absolute necessity of some kind of Hatha Yoga / Pranayama.  Fortunately the six month course always grounds me again.

Ananda is busy making plans for his second trip to Europe.  He is going on invitation of the Milano Yoga Festival, but will also have programmes with Swami Yogananda in Savona, in Switzerland with Hariharan and in Berlin with Leena Elo  You may join him at any of these places by contacting the organizers.

I wish you all Guru’s grace for your continued Sadhana!  Grace is oil for the evolutionary wheels.  I am discovering it prevents rusting.  Grace is openness to Guru, gratitude to Guru, devotion to Guru and service to Guru!  May we all live in such a way that we are worthy of that Guru Kripa.  All my love (profound interest) to you, each and every one! 

(Another general letter below)

We offer you our Namaskar, thus bearing witness to the fact that the Divine is manifesting through you, even though you may have doubts about your own Divinity from time to time!  When we hit a low, or the currents of Karma overwhelm us, or we suffer a great disappointment or loss or challenge, we may even have some serious doubts about ourselves and the Universe into which we seem to be placed.  These rough patches are the sloughs of despair that poor old John Bunyan in medieval England had to plough through in his Pilgrim’s Progress.  Just, keep moving!  Seems to be the only resort, lifting one muddy foot after the other, step by step traversing that sticky path!  To get stuck in the much is not an evolutionary event!  Whatever!  Even if you get mired down occasionally, please remember that this too shall pass.  And that there is someone, somewhere (Amma) who sees the Divine in you.  (This was all part of the salutation only!)

I may (or may not) owe you a letter!  Swamped by the tidal wave of hectivity in June, again papers have piled up on my desk, I think for the most part I am on top of it all, but something may have slipped through the cracks in awareness.  So, if your communication was one of them, excuse me for that.  Actually one of the big events of the summer is our Yoganjali Natyalayam Annual Day.  It is a huge work!  You have seen enough reports in Yoga Life through the years to know something about it - but you would have to see it to believe it.  This year Nalini was present with us for the first time, and Shobana, so, they also got amazed.  At least six weeks of intense practice three of four times weekly.  The week before becomes a real marathon!  Three stage rehearsals of about 10 hours each as 300 kids have to be trained to not only sing, chant, dance and perform Asanas, but also to do so in an aesthetically pleasing way on stage.  This year our Yoganjali Natyalayam 14th Annual Day was the best one to date!  This event involves a coordination of nearly 500 persons, not counting the family members who also had to lend backup support.  A full report with photos will appear in Yoga Life but this is to explain why perhaps there is some delay in responding to your correspondence and other requests.  We also have had a correspondence course group of five members led by Marietje Venter from South Africa arrive on July 9th, two days after Annual Day for a ten-day special training.  So, we have had a full schedule.  Most classes for the Correspondence Course group are being taught by Nalini.  They are good, strong, earnest people and the course has gone well.

We will be starting many new construction projects now, along with the big Annual Dance Drama for Swamiji’s Birthday on August 19th and the Centenary Celebration which will be attended by about 30 senior students.  July and August looks to be equally hectic.  Guru’s grace is there and he makes everything happen.  It all comes together in the end - we have to put things together like a jigsaw puzzle.  The pieces are all there.  Just scattered about!

We have had severely unseasonal weather:  very hot sunny days, which suddenly alternate with short heavy rain and wind storms.  A recent wind storm took down one of our big trees in the grass garden and some tiles off the roof. This lends a heavy unreality to an already unreal scenario.  When I ride the streets of Pondy I see panicked people pushing everywhere in pursuit of pleasure in an air heavy-laden with the stink of pollution.  I am sorry, but that is what the perception is!  It is not a depressing scenario, but makes one think!  Things get worse, not better, and progress is an illusion contrived by materialistic to make more money.  Everyone has a scooter, a car, television, refrigerator and tons of money to burn, but few have anything worthwhile, like beauty, nobility, dignity, discipline, attentiveness or inner strength.  When Nalini returned from Europe, she noted that in Europe outside everything was picture-perfect, but inside people are weaker, sicker and more miserable.  When I came to India forty years ago, at least people lived in a natural, clean environment eating natural foods, living naturally.  Now everything is polluted and artificial.  It seems so dirty.  Kali Yuga! The wheel of time turns downward, the Universe grows old and weary.  Face to face with what must be, what need is there for sorrow?  (Lord Krishna)

Learning to maintain Stithti Prajna in the face of all this is true Sadhana. Sama Bhavan, equal-mindedness in all circumstances, is an every moment task!  Be happy and cheerful!  A happy heart is a good medicine!

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


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