Amma’s Letter:  January 25th, 2008

Divine Selves:  Namastey!                                                                                  

Is it possible one month of January 2008 has already fled in splendid setting suns over the Western horizon?  Wasn’t the 21st century a millennia distant just ten years back, and now seven years have already been completed, and the wheel turns into the eighth!  For us 2007 was a truly great year, with marvelous Satsangha and fellowship and many worthwhile projects completed to satisfaction.  Mainly like the doctors who take the Hippocratic Oath, whose first vow is not to harm, we try to live harmlessly.  Patanjali put Ahimsa at the top of his list of the Five Don’ts and the Five Do’s with good reason.  It is extraordinarily difficult to sustain one’s own life, without harming another’s.  Even in the breath we breathe, we may destroy microscopic or insect life!  The poor earth must bear the weight of our body as we move about her surface!  Does that cause her pain?  Our gains may cause others pain, as they want what we have.  If we are the leader of a group, we may have to verbally harm someone who is harming the group.  Is that violent?  Driving a scooter pollutes the air.  Using paper destroys trees.  Buying products packaged so attractively at great cost eats up the earth’s resources.  Is there any aspect of human life which does not contain some violence at some level, gross or subtle?  Telling the truth can be violent.  Little Dhivya bursts into tears when I deny her requests.  Is that denial violence?  She obviously feels pain.  Ignorance is the greatest violence of them all.  Ignorance causes the being to flail out in all directions, trying to keep itself afloat at all costs.  Ego by its very existence violates other Egos!  How dare you exist!  The ego seems to scream at everyone it meets.  What a marvelous project the Creator has devised for us - how to live harmlessly with good will for all!

We do our best and leave the rest!  We keep our projects small, for somehow, to me, large is violent.  Large sky scrapers puts millions of tons of weight on a tiny piece of earth - how that must stress the planet!  What pain Bhumi Devi must feel!  How non-violent in comparison is the fisherman’s hut, with palm leaf roof and mud brick walls, which will naturally return to earth in a reasonable cycle!  Large cars appear violent to me!  Large airplanes!  Large hotels!  Large supermarkets!  Small would seem to be at least less violent!  This is why I prefer to work in small ways, with limited number of people, our small ICYER Garden paradise, our small city centre, our small little Yoga Life.  I suppose the least violent action of all would be to meditate constantly in a cave.  However, I am not yet ready for that non-violence!

We measure the passage of our time by the increasing vocabulary of little Anandraj and the speed with which Dhivya Priya out grows her clothes!  Life is an excellent idea!  I am happy the Lord thought of it!  Our Sadhana - Sat Dharana - concentrated search for truth - grows stronger, percolating into every thought, every emotion, every sensation - sleep becomes a Sadhana.  Laughter is a Sadhana!  Speaking is a Sadhana!  The mind wakes up each moment to new possibilities with every breath we take.

We look forward to February with so many events associated with the annual Yantra courses.  This year we will focus on Yoga Therapy as well.  Many extra cultural programs have suddenly appeared on the radar screen as well as several conferences.  Our summers just become more and more busy as our work with the City Centre increases in scope.  Ananda will be graveling to Europe and UK again this year in September and part of October.  His programs in Berlin are now quite firm under the able organization skills of Leena Elo.  Hariharan in Locano, Switzerland has also organized a good schedule.  Now Kalavathy reports from England that she has secured a good venue and has set dates.  I encourage those who are able to join Ananda at one - or all three of these. Seminars-cum-Satsanghas to make the effort to do so!  I realize more and more the importance of good fellowship.

The need to enter into Satsangha with others who try to live a noble, dignified life with meaning.  I am giving below the dates of Ananda’s programs the names of organizers and the contact number or e-mail and venue.  I would urge everyone to organize their year around at least one Satsangha experience with Ananda.  By strengthening the Parampari, we strengthen ourselves!  We had a marvelous Guru Puja on January 8th this year with more than 1000 participants.  The Yoga festival January 4-7 was also a great experience.  These events are reported in Yoga Life and you can share them with us.  Please continue to share your life with me.  I love to witness the unfolding of your spirit!  We are well, happy and live each day as it comes, praising the name of the Lord / Guru for all the blessings He / It / She showers upon us!  May you be similarly blessed, happy and content with what is given to you!  May we wish only that to happen, which happens!

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


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