Amma’s Letter:  February 8th, 2008

Divine Evolving Souls:  Namastey!                                                                 

We have been through an intense period of external activity - all good productive creative work  but nevertheless demanding every ounce of our Yogic skill in action - trying to fit all these myriad programmes into correct little pieces which will easily glide into the spaces of our jigsaw puzzle lives!  Life is like a chess game - we have to face the challenges of the Big Guy Across The Board (known variously by many names such as God, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Iswaran, Jehovalk, Elohim etc) and He/She/It is a very clever fellow!  We can scarily foretell what move he will make that day, requiring us to adjust all our present preoccupations!  Flexible intelligence and situational alertness is the name of the winning game!  I am sure you feel the same about your own lives, as the days of leisurely graceful living seem to have been blown away with the winds of urbanization, industrialization, consumerism and materialism. It becomes more and more difficult to find the centre of the storm, and remain balanced in the calm!  That is the beauty, however, of moment to moment living!  That is when the ordinary life takes on the luster of the extra ordinary.  Creating a beauty which did hot yet exist is a goal set for every day of our lives.  That is possible!  That is realization!  Scripting harmony out of chaos, and silky smoothness out of friction  The microcosm is the macrocosm so we do not have to become the President of USA to prove our self-worth.  But, we do have to become the President of the vast loosely associated confederacy of independent monarchies known variously as Ahamkar (ego), Buddhi (intellect), Indriyas (Emotional-Sensual Matrix), Chitta (Mental Sub Consciousness).  We do have to establish Divine Authority over all these feudal elements and create personal coexistence!  That is an every day challenge, is it not?

Watchful awareness, and detachment (Saksha Bhavana) is a primary tool for establishing this inner order, the goal of Stithi Prajna, or equal mindedness under all circumstances.  This is a wonderful daily life goal which can be equally tested in the small daily challenges as well as the larger crises of life!  That is the real Yogic Sadhana, essentially to live life according to the rules of Yama (restraint) and niyama (observance) while fulfilling our Dharana on all levels.

We have this week had three outside dance performances participated in two international conferences (one on Sanskrit and one on Saivism), are carrying on our Ananda February Yantra course and have developed along side of that a very innovative Yoga Therapy intensive!  All this plus social commitments of weddings, deaths and our regular duties schedule.  This kind of activity is becoming the norm rather than the exception  But, it is all enjoyable and refreshing.  We are fortunate to have found our work!  We seek in no other blessing!

I might remind you of Ananda’s European tour this fall the program 2008 is set.  His programme to Australia and New Zealand in 2009 is also firming up.  We now have a series of excellent DVD’s available on several subjects.  The new aspect of our work is mostly as the result of Ananda’s work.  They are excellent teaching devices (to show your students) as well as a way to tune in more to Ashram life!

May you be happy and all your ease!  May you be wise as well as clever!  May every breath be a step closer to Moksha!

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