Amma’s Letter:  February 14th, 2003

Divine Self:                                                                                                           

Namastey and, as it happens to be that special date, Happy Valentine’s Day!

You can send your lessons by e-mail.  It is slightly more work for us, but we can adjust.  I do not use the e-mail and my office staff will print it out for me.  I am old enough to still relish the feeling of paper in my hands.

I am happy you have started your course work.  The presentation is satisfactory and the answers are accurate.  Thank you for your personal comments and feelings.  This will help me know you better.

Please practice the techniques along with your written work.  I will usually be sending you my  responses by post, but I have asked Dr. Ananda to acknowledge immediately when he receives a lesson from you.  Though it is a bit late, I enclose a general New Year greeting for you, and I sincerely mean every word of it!

Yours in Yoga,

Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

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