Paintings :  The Beginning

In 1996, after spending six months traveling coast to coast in Canada, I settled in Montreal.  During this time I was unemployed, but received a grant from Le conseil des arts et lettres du Québec to complete this series.   Rubber latex was added as a material in these explorations.  They have never been shown in an exhibition.    In the Spring of 1998, I moved to Toronto for employment.  My goal then became saving money to finance a trip to India.  I rented a room, owned nothing but what was in my suitcase, and had no space or supplies for art-making.  In March 1999 my adventure in India began.  This experience had a profound effect on me and changed the aesthetics of my art.  This series marks the end of a stylistic period.

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Virer à l’envers / Inside Out Series : 1997 - 1998