Amma’s Letter:  April 24th, 2006

Divine Jennifer:  Namastey!                                                                                 

I am working my way to the bottom of the pile and still your papers have not surfaced!  I know they are there as they were part of an urgent work in the brain - however if you would email another set, I would sit down and do them the same day.  I have such an aversion to things like that, it almost does become a phobia!  I hope you are well and flourishing.  The memory of you in your saree on graduation day is still fresh in my mind and still brings a tear to my eye!  Don’t forget!  That day you were your real self. 

You are a dear, special soul to me!  I hope Ashram experiences are getting digested!  And also absorbed as spiritual nutrients into your present life style.  It will take time!  It does take time! spiritual growth, I think, goes through the same stages as human growth - birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence and maturity!  Patience is the name of the game.  I do love you and value your precious spirit and will always be watching you with profound interest!  (Below is a general letter for you and all your batch mates!)

April is half-past!  For us, April is the kindest month (although it is hot as a coal furnace).  Because we are now is summer months we have the luxury of living in our beautiful garden paradise all by ourselves (not quite, but practically so).  We can live more simply, more quietly, more relaxed, without having to worry if a fox is after our baby chicks, or a hawk, or whether the foolish chicks are running across the road in front of a lorry, or if the adventurous (plus foolish) ones are wandering away from the flock... we have to carry only our own Karmic weight, and not carry that of others.  Of course, we miss the love, stimulation, joy, fun, energy and charming entertainment offered by our ‘little chicks’ as well, and that is why after a hiatus of six months, we will be ready to sit on a new batch of eggs again - but for now, it is a bit of a bliss to have silence and peace and a Sadhana geared to our own needs!

You all will be very pleased to know that Karpagam has made a total recovery.  She can run around and jump and play with as much agility as she ever did!  In fact, looking at her pedigree card (what a hoax) again, I am reminded she is after all 10 years old.  It is said that to measure a ‘dog’s age’ you must multiply it by 7 to get the human equivalent.  That would make her and Gowry 70 years old in human terms!  Pretty spry for old ladies!  We have been monitoring her carefully and taking her to the vet once a week.  Her foot has completely healed.  Her appetite is great, of course, now she gets ‘two eggs’ a day.  She is suffering from severe ‘biscuit withdrawal’ symptoms though!  The vet said he felt her blood sugar was very high and she was highly acidic.  This he said, caused the simple infection to worsen so rapidly.  This no doubt has some basis in the overload of biscuits etc. which she enjoyed this year, as all were very generous with her when she went about her daily begging route.  It is a case of being killed by kindness.  She is getting hardly any sweets at all right now, and she looks and feels much better!  We have also trimmed her hair so she is cooler.  That’s her update.

Little Anandraj is now approaching eight months.  He is a whiz on four legs and can move with amazing speed across the Satsangha Hall.  He has a great sense of play and he and Dhivya now have many games they play together.  He has a great laugh and his big sister makes him laugh long, loud and hard - a great belly laugh!  He is eating some rice and vegetables, drinking ginger tea and ragi poriage.  He is well on his way to becoming a human being, though he will no doubt remain in his ‘Chatus Pada’ incarnation for at least a few more months.  We celebrated Dr. Ananda’s 34th birthday on April 16th at Kambliswamy Madam with a great Sunday Puja.  About 100 close well wishers joined us on that day ‘Prasadam’ was a feast of great delicacies.  We made a flower crown and crowned him.  He sang about half a hour and little Dhivya gave a magnificent dance performance for about half an hour.  It was a wonderful, mellow four hours and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  In the evening he took about 15 of his senior students from Yoganjali Natyalayam for a dinner at Mukti - all young adults now, it was a lovely time!  Now he enters his 35th year!  Please pray for him and offer him the energy of your good will!

In May our summer schedule will become hectic with the Month Long Intensive Daily Classes from 2:30 to 6pm at City Centre, a three day resident camp for 100 kids at ICYER, the Annual Day puts 400 kids on stage for dance and Yoga, The Jayanthi Dance Drama (the story of Karma this year) and a ten day intensive for beginners April 13 to 24th.  So we are busy.  I am beginning the printing of my book next week.  I will print it chapter by chapter and do the final proof reading as moves along.  No doubt, it will be a thick volume of about 1000 pages each!  Who will buy such a big book?  Who can carry it out of the book store?  Who cares?  I had to do it!  It has been a magnificent obsession, a Yoga detective work putting all the pieces of the gigantic puzzle in place.

Ananda has edited his Asana tape into one hour and it is totally splendid and mind blowing.  He now has seven DVD’s under his belt, all of them of extremely high quality.  They will be ready to market by end of May.  A special price of $100 for all seven DVD’s (Mudras, Hathenas, Pranayama, Asana etc) is being offered as a package.  This will make an excellent set to anchor your consciousness back at ICYER, or to show friends or Yoga students.  I encourage everyone to obtain the DVD’s to stimulate their Sadhana and also to show others ‘where you have been and where you are going’.

Almost every one has ‘reported back’.  Please keep up your contact with us.  I have a profound interest in your life and I have also a heavy energy investment in you.  Make your reports a monthly affairs, like a study sheet on Swadhyaya.  Plan to come back - again and again and again.  It’s not as hard as you think!  Just send our mind and heart here - and your body will follow.  You are welcome! As you know senior students give a good energy boost by the Ashram psyche!

You are very dear to me!  You are a piece of Swamiji’s light - let that light shine - Be a little candle illuminating a dark world steeped in ignorance.

Affectionately yours in Yoga.

AMMA (Eagle or Mother Hen.  However, I prefer the first metaphor.)

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