Amma’s Letter:  April 22nd, 2005

Divine Jennifer Dany Aube:  Namastey!                                       

We offer you all of our best wishes and positive thoughts, for good Sadhana and ongoing spiritual growth.  This is the best wish I can have for you.  We appreciate your support to us on all levels - material, mental and emotional.  I have always felt your good will.  It is this support which enables us to carry on the teachings of grandeur of Sat-Chit-Anandam in our own tiny way - a glimmer of Beauty (Satyam) here, a touch of Anandam (Joy) there - a faint reflection of Truth (Sat) somewhere in the darkness of ignorance and bestiality which seems to be the Flavour of the Day in modern times.  April is the month in which we catch up on pending works and reorganize ourselves with the coming year.  From May, our hectic work with the Yoganjali Natyalayam begins and our numerous cultural programmes.  Then, in October, we have another new batch of eagles to raise and train to fly.

I now request you take a few moments from your busy schedule and sit down with a nice comfort drink of our choice and enjoy the general news I am enclosing.

April is our vacation month but to all appearances, we are still totally busy.  Busy can be relaxing however, if everything is well planned and if everyone cooperates.  (A very interesting typographical error just occurred.  Velu, my Secretary, put the word evaporate instead of cooperate in the proceeding sentence so it read “Everything goes well if ... every evaporates!”  I thought “How infinitely more true than the original statement.  But, it could be further improved with “Everything will go well if all the egos would evaporate!”  I love the idea of egos evaporating.  Back to business after that side trip.  Swamiji said that a change is as good as a rest and April is a change.  First we clean up, throw out, sort over, and put order once more into our immediate environment (desk, living quarters, office) which, despite all our best efforts, usually looks like a battle field by the end of March.  Now, three weeks into April, I sit in the luxury of a clean desk and uncluttered kitchen and living area, having thrown out unwanted stuff and packed away things which are not necessary to everyday life.

I have also been practicing quite intensely the Hang Sah Kriya and Yoga Nidra with quite amazing effect.  It never ceases to surprise me how body-mind-emotions are so intimately linked.  Our body is the embodiment of Karmic residues - and as I explore Sabija Karma, I find that the relationship between old karmas (maybe one million lifetimes old) are manifest there for all to see  in the very structure of the body in minor and major deformities.  When we work out a deformity or negative body condition, we also root out he karma which created it.  Sometimes we cannot rid ourselves of it, but at least we can be aware of it, refine it, soften its hold in our lives, melt it and thus, learn to live with it, as our means of atonement for past errors.  Thus we pay our karmic debts with joy and gratitude to the Universe for giving us the chance to make amends for past ignorance.

We are very well.  I attach a lot of importance to YOGA LIFE as it helps you keep posted on our ongoing projects.  May you feel happy and secure in the knowledge that every experience you are now undergoing is exactly the experience you need to pay out your debts and learn the lessons you need to learn to make your next step in evolution.  Life gives us what we need, not what we want.  Let us be grateful for that.

The last three little eaglets were shaken off Mother Eagles back the end of March and began their free fall till that old Abhinivesha, survival instinct, clicked in and they frantically started flapping their wings.  They discovered to their amazement and joy that, yes, of course, certainly, they can, they will, they are able to fly!

These transition weeks after the six month course ends on March 25th are always a period of sweet sorrow.  Especially this year, when such a lovely bunch of souls clustered together for the long six month journey into self-awareness together!  Yet, my mind is cluttered with unfinished projects and this is the long, overdue work can be completed and my long, suffering desk which groans and moans under its mountainous leap of papers can be relieved of its burdens.  I can first and foremost resume work on my HISTORY OF YOGA.  I hope in the next week to wind up the penultimate chapter.  That is the one on Modern Yoga from the 19th and 20th centuries.  Then, the final chapter will be a summary of present day Yoga in the Western Wold.  The summary of modern Yoga in India was done previously and was published in YOGA LIFE.  Then comes the big job of putting it all together, proof reading, editing, writing the final chapter, index etc.  Still, a gigantic task!  I think it is surpassing 2000 pages so will have to be put out in several volumes.

I also have YOGA LIFE work, banking, bill paying, staff reorganization to catch up on.  Next week we consult with our contractor about plans to rebuild the City Centre.  We recently wound up our three years sleep study and Yoga project with JIPMER by presenting a 100 page book and a one-hour CD on the practices we evolved to help people cope with insomnia.  It came out very well and the Director of the Project was very much pleased with the production.  Dhivya Priya just grows so much in beauty and intelligence that she takes my breath away.  She is a great gift, and like all great gifts, comes with a great price - the necessity to guide her properly with wisdom.

Dr. Nalini is working two hours daily with Devasena who is now in her fifth month of second pregnancy.  They are developing Yoga practices which Devasena finds suitable for herself at his stage.  We will expand this into a revision of my book YOGA FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND OTHERS.  We have some wonderful photos from her first pregnancy and of course, hundreds of photos of Dhivya who is living proof of Lord Krishna’s promise in the Bhagavad Gita that into the wombs of Yoginis, Yogis (Yoginis) will be born.

Ananda as well has recently taken his first airplane ride as an adult when he flew to Varanasi to attend a conference, and then, back home again.  He is on fire producing videos ad republishing Swamiji’s books as well as all his artistic activities and his private medical practice.

Life is good to us, and we try to be good to life - to value and appreciate all the boons we have been given and take care of all the precious gifts, which the Guru has given us.  We try to grow a bit every day in Yogic wisdom, joy and skill in action.  Th earth is such a beautiful planet, the waters, the winds, the sky, the sun - how benevolent they are to us!  We try not o pollute these Pancha Maha Bhutas (elements) and show our appreciation for their benevolence in whatever way we can.  By living simply and purely it is not an easy task, but at least we can make the attempt. 

We are busy, first clearing up, cleaning out, throwing out, catching up - so the office and living quarters can take some semblance of neat quietness again.  I am working on The Book again with the firm intension to finish it before October (pray for me).  We have started construction of the City Centre this week and when you return you will be pleased to see the facilities upgraded.  The structure should reflect the beauty and power of the instruction.  Dhivya Priya continues to keep us laughing uproariously as she develops an even more amazing sense of humor and mischief.  I really wonder what the new little soul percolating in Devasena’s belly will be like.  Dhivya’s class act is a hard one to follow.  Nalini is here and helping us so much in so many ways.  We have so many programmes going on all the time.  I went to Chidambaram on April 4th, to give a lecture to the 200 students at Anamalai University, enrolled in the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Progamme.  We had a magnificent day, which culminated with little Dhivya Priya making her debut performance of Bharat Natyam in the Nataraja Temple there right in front of the shrine of Lord Shiva.  Her father sang, her mother did Nattuvangam (rhythm) her grandmother and her Nani applauded as she danced Alarippu, Kirthanai and Thillana.  I am sure at 20 months she is the youngest devotee ever to dance before the Lord in his Own Sthalam (Place).

Like that, little bubbles of activity are constantly rising to the sky, illuminated with the brilliant colours of the refracted rays of he sun as they drift into the blue of Akasha (Sky).  Then they too burst to make way for other fragile illusions.  Life is that Long, Long Dream the Rishis spoke of there is no doubt of that.  But surely, most of the time, we can make it a pleasant dream.  I pray for all of you that you have pleasant dreams as flights of Rishis chant thee to thy rest (Shanti).  Someday sooner or later - here - now - then - or there - when you wake up from the Long Dream you will realize - My God!  I am God!  May all of us reach that great State... Soon!

Affectionately yours in Yoga,


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